20 June

Don't Let Hackers Use Your Vintage Passwords!

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While Vintage is great for the music industry, in IT, it's not the best plan. Lately, hackers have been using passwords stolen from social media accounts years ago to try and access other related social and business accounts. Recent password thefts from Myspace, LinkedIn, and Twitter informed/forced users to change their passwords on those accounts, but what about your other accounts that use the same password? If you were informed of a hack on your account in the past, and you used the same password elsewhere, it's probably a good idea to change that password sooner rather than later.

The Best Hack Proof Strategy for your social media accounts is to use Two Factor Authentication (2FA). In its simplest form, 2FA sends a 4- or 6-digit code to your mobile device via SMS that must be entered in as a challenge on the login page after password credentials have been entered.

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Written by Dustin Hirschi on June 20, 2016
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