Our Timeline

Here is a brief overview of our history from the beginning of our company until today.

Techies 4 U, Inc. was founded in 2005.  Techies 4 U, Inc. was formed as a DBA for a two man operation.  

 "We didn't have a website, we didn't have inventory.  We had a couple flash drives, a laptop, a desktop, good business sense, and strong communication with our best friend: "google". In the end, it all worked out, but we had to work hard and scramble to get there. 

Both of us had full time jobs aside from the company, so it was a struggle everyday to get everything set up and rolling.  We had meetings upon meetings followed by webinar after webinar with companies all around the world to decide what tools our company would be using.  We started devising our training and tech tools for our future hires.  We built our brand and logo.  We worked out our industry focus and aligned our "best practices" techniques to ensure the documentation plan would prevent re-occurring mistakes.  We started provisioning our shared portals, company files, email systems, pay rates, taxes, phone plan, inner network and security plan, business plan, marketing plan, to suffice... just a lot of PLANS..

For the first couple years, we always felt like we were behind.  We never had enough time in the day to accomplish our deadlines.  We didn't have enough funding to hire more assistants. The bottlenecks were starting to become a huge headache for our team.  On the service delivery front, we were experiencing similar issues.  Dispatch team wasn't communicating effectively because of the bottlenecks and the engineers were being rushed last minute from site to site.  Luckily, our field team was willing to go the extra mile and kept our customers happy until we resolved our internal problems.  We analyzed our work load and came to realize that "having a larger team" wasn't what we needed, but instead, we needed a better "plan".  For the next few months, we dedicated our efforts to creating a better flow of communication, new training procedures, and job scopes.  We trained each team member to ensure they were fully aware of the process flow within our company.  By the end of the year in 2009, we were back on our feet full speed ahead and ready for the next step.

In 2009, Techies 4 U, Inc. had a grasp on it's residential base and decided it was time to start moving things over to the business sector.  We reorganized our business plan and began to market services to businesses around Lansing, Mi. The focus for our expansion was discounted break/fix on-site services.  The prices we set were aligned to allow us to build our business network and rapport.  In the next two years, this plan allowed us to build a satisfactory network of business clients. By the end of the 2010, we had grown our Business sector by 200% and signed dozens of IT Service contracts all across Michigan.  Our Engineers were now veterans in business requirements for the hospitality and food service markets.  

At the end of 2010, we were still relying primarily on word of mouth for marketing and expansion, but we were ready to start up industry focused marketing and began working out our new plan of expansion.  In 2011, we began a direct marketing campaign at restaurants and bars in the Lansing and surrounding areas.  



In 2011, Techies 4 U, Inc. started to support the Retail sector.  This was largely due to one company in particular that approached us for IT services; Kellie's Consignments.  The retail sector was a little different than our residential / POS industries and required a high-level service approach to ensure their business was handled effectively and efficiently.  Our CEO worked directly with Kellie's Consignments on into 2012 to ensure their needs were met effectively.  Our CEO built such a good relationship with Kellie's team that he continues to be the hands on with their team even untill this day.

Techies 4 U, Inc. also began working on it's new website location: http://www.techies4u.net.  The previous site was bare bones and was in dire need of an upgrade.  This new development would help allow us to integrate a new improved ticketing system to help support our client base.  

While working on the website development, our team began to work on web design as a service.  This would allow us to start selling remote services to our clients in a new market.  The company also began it's search for high level web development members to add to our team.




In 2012, Techies 4 U, Inc. started a new marketing initiative to increase our POS base and brought in three new contractors to begin it's restaurant / bar push.  Our contractors went to work and started signing up clients all around Michigan.  What we started in Lansing, we expanded to Flint, Royal Oak, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Grand Rapids, Mount Pleasant, and sorrounding Areas.  

By Mid 2012, Techies 4 U started it's first Large subcontract with McDonalds & The YUM Brand (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, & WingStreet).  Techies 4 U, Inc. brought on two more interns to assist with tech support and marketing support for the new group of retail locations.  

Also in 2012, our company was approached by some healthcare professionals who were looking for a new IT department to support their locations.  We worked through the details and signed an open contract.  This allowed us to start working in a new market - the healthcare industry.  In a few weeks we expanded in the healthcare market and signed up a few more healthcare clients in the Mid Michigan area:


At the end of 2012, Techies 4 U, Inc. completed it's website http://www.techies4u.net and Branding (shown below)

2012 Techies 4, Inc. U Logo


After completing our personal website, we had built our knowledge base to allow our company to start supporting web design as a service.  

Along with Web Design, we also integrated SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization), and SMM (Social Media Marketing) services.  Each of these items required a lot of training and research along with new business strategy plans in order to integrate with our service line.  SEO integration was the first item we handled and by mid 2013 we had a good handle on this strategy. 

In 2013, Techies 4 U began putting our SEO, SMO, and SEM marketing strategies to work.  By the middle of 2013 we had won our first group of IT Refresh projects for a variety of well known retail companies.  These companies were looking to perform IT refreshes at 365+ stores across the U.S..  Suffice it to say, this work allocated a large portion of our work load for the year of 2013.  Some of the major companies included in this growth are listed below: 

  • Home Depot,
  • Lowes,
  • Macy's,
  • Gordmans
  • TJ Maxx Stores,
  • Home Goods,
  • Pier 1 Imports,
  • Walmart,
  • Meijers.

Alot of these companies had retail locations outside of Michigan that also were due for upgrades.  We worked out some of the contract details, hired a few more resources, and expanded our service areas to the required areas throughout the U.S.  We opened up a remote location in each of these states and dedicated field engineers to support our growing client base in these states.  We also expanded our marketing plans to include the additional states as part of our service area.

By the end of 2013, we decided it was time to upgrade our website and began working on the new design.  We also finalized our SEO, SEM, SMO, and SMM marketing strategies.  We realized very quickly that marketing is more about who you know rather than what you know and we started working on partner relationships with dedicated marketing companies to help ensure our marketing services exceeded the expectations of our clients.  We had the know how to do the work, but needed the pull of people who "knew the industry" to help push the marketing services to a new level.





In 2014 Techies 4 U started a new line of services labeled "ProActive".  The overall goal of these services:  Provide complete IT Peace of Mind for clients.  These solutions provided peace of mind in three steps:

Step 1: Cloud Backup Solution. 

  • A Cloud backup solution that remotely performs daily backups of clients PC's.  
  • Backups could be performed in the background so as not to affect client activities.   
  • A Clients PC could be remotely moved back to a previous date or time at will
  • A PC could be cloned to any other PC at will (useful in the case you upgrade your PC).
  • Fully run by Techies 4 U Technicians; client is not required to do anything
  • 1000 GB backup space per PC.  (additional space available if required).
  • $14.00 / Month / PC


Step 2: Managed Virus Protection

  • Proactive Monitoring scans your system all day long
  • Software is installed in a sandbox firewall environment to prevent a virus from getting into your system
  • Reactive solutions like AVG, Norton, McAfee, etc. don't help you until after the infection is in place
  • 24/7 Monitoring that gets rid of the issue before it has time to compromise your system
  • Every file validated against our list of trusted files.  Any inconsistencies are fire-walled from your important data.
  • Technical Gurus take care of everything for you
  • Monthly email reports show you what we've done to protect your system
  • $9.00 / Month / PC


Step 3: Managed Web Protection

  • 24/7 Monitoring Protects you from web intrusion, spyware, and rootkits
  • Traffic Analysis alerts technicians when web traffic is unusual
  • Yes, "highly secure" sites like google, facebook, Sony have been compromised before and can infect you.
  • 24/7 Web Monitoring, Intrusion detection, and Prevention.
  • Your data is encrypted; our technicians will not see your browsing
  • Sandbox browsing adds a firewall for your browsing that separates your PC from the web
  • Technical Gurus take care of everything for you!
  • $9.00 / Month / PC

Get all 3 services for 50% off.  Only $16.00 / month / pc.


Get Web & Virus Protection Services for 40% off.  Only $10.80 / month / pc


We created a service video to help you better understand what you are getting as well as some new branding to market these services:

Techies 4 U, Inc. Peace Of Mind Explanation Video




In 2014, we completed our website redesign plan and purchased the www.techies4u.com domain.  We also re-branded our tagline and logo:


2014 Techies 4 U Logo


The new site would integrate our Peace of Mind services, Marketing Services, and other business services to allow us to began marketing the services to our client base.  




In 2015, Techies 4 U, Inc. started installing / managing Security Systems & traffic counters as a service.  We had previously performed work in these areas for a variety of our clients when requested, but had never integrated this service as part of our sales strategy.  We completed our marketing strategy and business plan for this new strategy and began marketing security services to our client base


We performed these installations for many companies, but some of larger clients included:

  • Oakley,
  • Adidas,
  • TJ Maxx,
  • Meijer,
  • Walmart, 
  • Gordmans,


We also performed highly discounted security installation services for the local Frat houses on Michigan State Campus.  


In 2016, Techies 4 U, Inc. diverted the marketing focus to network design, structured cabling, and IT room Buildouts for large commercial businesses.  

By the end of the year, this intiative grew to become one of our company's primary revenue streams.  

Some of our major structured cabling clients from 2016

  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Motors
  • Canon
  • Oakley
  • Ingram Micro
  • FedEx Warehouse
  • Exercise Warehouse
  • 5/3 Bank
  • Bob Evans
  • McDonalds
  • Bank of America (partnered services)



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